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SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP BTP is a powerful solution offering introduced by SAP in January 2021. It serves as the technical foundation for the entire SAP ecosystem, playing a crucial role for all SAP customers and partners. SAP BTP is a portfolio of solutions and services that brings together various aspects of technology under one umbrella. It enables organisations to build new cloud solutions or extend existing SAP systems with ease and efficiency.

Integrated Business Platform

Key Aspects of SAP BTP

Database and Data Management

Provides robust data storage and management capabilities.

Application Development

Facilitates seamless integration between systems and applications.


Empowers data-driven decision-making.

Intelligent Technologies

Incorporates cutting-edge features like IoT, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

High Performance

Why Choose SAP BTP?

Rebranding from “SAP Cloud Platform”

Formerly known as SAP Cloud Platform, the rebranding reflects its expanded capabilities beyond cloud services, emphasizing its role as a comprehensive technology platform.

SAP BTP empowers businesses to innovate, integrate, and extend their systems efficiently, making it an essential tool for digital transformation.

We deliver this capability together with our new aquired partner – Iotistics.